Electricity and Green Energy

Due to the large customer base in the power and utilities markets, companies in these sectors have a high-volume of transactions. By helping to manage those transactions, KAPIM’s solutions significantly improve management’s insights and confidence in their processes while improving the customer experience.

Data Processing Center (DPC)

Effective data management is critical in today’s business environment. A key component of managing data is moving it between systems and ensuring that it is accurate. That is where KAPM’s DPC really shines.

Labor Support

Sometimes you just need people to get the job done. That’s where our Labor Support solutions come into play.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

RPA has its advantages and disadvantages, which is why KAPIM works to deploy the right solution for the right situation. When compared to completing high volumes of repetitive tasks manually, RPA is a far superior solution.

Visual Business Intelligence Reporting (VBI)

Data is meaningless without the tools necessary to bring meaning to the data in a timely manner. That’s where KAPIM’s VBI solutions shine. Our extensive experience in data gathering and analysis, combined with our ability to create easy to understand visual representations, results in actionable business insights from the C-Level all the way down to line workers.

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Tailored SolutionAccurate Service

Tailored Solution

KAPIM is a business process automation and outsourcing company. KAPIM exists to help businesses improve quality and reduce costs, especially with data management, reporting, and labor-intensive tasks. KAPIM provides the bridge for your business’s “process transformation” to automation. Our competence, understanding, and use of the right technologies for the right solutions make us the go-to solution for your automation needs. And where technology can’t completely get the job done, our multi-national labor force is there to handle the rest.

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